The Center for Physics and Chemistry of Living Systems
at Tel Aviv University

The Center for the Physics and Chemistry of Living Systems at Tel Aviv University is an interdisciplinary, collaborative group of researchers from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, and Engineering, who are interested in the behavior of soft matter and complex fluids in the context of biological systems.

Research activities include a wide range of experimental and theoretical investigations, with many collaborations between members, on-campus and worldwide.

We hold an informal, student-oriented seminar, which helps us learn about colleagues' work and research interests across the different disciplines. The seminar meetings usually last more than an hour due to many questions and lively discussions.

The center offers and coordinates a wide range of advanced courses in soft matter, biophysics, and related subjects across campus.

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Recent Collaborative Publications

Experimental Realization of Diffusion with Stochastic Resetting

Reuveni & Roichman Groups


A collaboration between the groups of Prof. Roichman and Dr. Reuveni, developed an experimental system to study diffusion with stochastic resetting and discovered limitations on the energy cost of resetting in the real world. The system they developed is first of its kind. It allows one to track a particle that performs a diffusion, and reset its position using optical tweezers.

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